NORUS workshop II, November 21 - 28 2009

Cal Poly Center for Coastal Marine Sciences

San Luis Obispo, CA.









NORUS Workshop II

November 21st - 28th, 2009

Avila Beach, California USA



Saturday, November 21st

Arrive USA-California-Avila Beach

Check-In Avila Beach Lighthouse

18:00         Informal Dinner – (Custom House)


Sunday, November 22nd

Discover Local Area

Additional Arrivals

(Avila Beach Marine Institute)

12:00         Opening Lunch (Woodstone Marketplace)

            NORUS Update/Plans (Johnsen/Moline/Clark/Berge)

            Workshop II Overview (Moline/Clark)

14:00         Hiking – Montana d’Oro State Park

19:00         Dinner – (Custom House)

21:00         Lecture – Glider Overview Lecture (Kerfoot)


Monday, November 23rd

(Cal Poly Pier)

08:30         Introduction to Pier Facility/Safety Brief

09:00         Glider Guts, Ballasting, Preparation

12:00         Lunch (Woodstone Marketplace)

13:00         Glider Mission Planning

15:30         Break

16:00         Glider Launch Sequence

18:00         Dinner – (Steamers of Pismo)

21:00         Lecture – Autonomous Control/State Estimation (Clark)


Tuesday, November 24th

(Cal Poly Pier)

07:30         Glider Launch/Testing/Data

12:00         Lunch (Woodstone Marketplace)

13:00         Intro to Iver2 (Clark)

14:00         Iver2 Launch/Recover – Manual Control, Mission Planning

15:00         Break

15:30         Iver2 Simulated Under ice demo (Clark)

17:30         Break

18:00         Dinner – (Yanagi’s)

21:00         Lecture – Graphics and Visualization (Wood)


Wednesday, November 25th

(Cal Poly Pier)

07:30         REMUS/Mission Planning (Moline)

10:00         REMUS Launch

11:00         REMUS Recover/Data Download

12:00         Lunch (Woodstone Marketplace)

13:00         Intro to ROV and crawler, and image processing (Clark)

15:00         Break

15:30         ROV and Crawler Demos

17:30         Break

19:00         Dinner – (Café Roma)


Thursday, November 26th        THANKSGIVING-National Holiday


08:30         Good Clean Fun – surfing/kayaking (Cayucos)

17:00         Thanksgiving Dinner – (McPhee’s Avila Beach)

                         Free Evening


Friday, November 27th

(Avila Beach Marine Institute)

09:00         Website

Future Applications

                  Planning Ny Aalesund

Planning Hopavaagen

Planning August 2010 Cruise

ICEX Discussion

                  Book Discussions and Assignments

12:00         Lunch (Woodstone Marketplace)

15:00         Wine Tasting (Edna Valley Vineyard)
18:30         Dinner – (Firestone Grill)

                        Free Evening in San Luis Obispo


Saturday, November 28th

(Cal Poly Pier)

08:00         PI Wrap-up Breakfast (Johnsen/Moline/Clark/Berge)

10:00         Cal Poly Campus Tour









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