NORUS workshop III, April 7 - 29 2010

NTNU Field Station at Sletvik-Hopavågen

Trondheim, Norway





Overall/tentative agenda:

Week 1: Wed 7 - Sun 11

Set up and initial trials (Primarily NTNU and use of UHI imager), no need for robots. Preparation of student tasks, writing of papers etc., planning, lectures.


Week 2: Mon 12-Sun 18

Robots and instruments in Hopavågen: Individual projects, joint activities.


Week 3: Mon 19- Sun 25

Science tasks and demonstrations of robots/instruments/tasks - student writing/data interpretation (Core week).


Week 4: Mon 26-Wed 28

Demonstration on RV Gunnerus with Applied Underwater Robotics Lab (AURlab).




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