NORUS workshop III, April 7 - 29 2010

NTNU Field Station at Sletvik-Hopavågen

Trondheim, Norway








a) Student tasks: e.g. bottom survey of any object of interest

b) Demonstration



a) Student tasks: Deep waters, waters with currents

b) Used to collect object of interest (sampling)

c) Underwater communication central during SCUBA work with sensors

d) Automated tracking/missions of any object of interest

e) Simulated under-ice work?

f) Demonstration



a) Kelp forest mapping from surface using images and GIS

b) Pelagic autotroph/heterotroph activity (DO2) mapping in 3D

c) Automated algorithms

d) Seeking patterns

e) 3D-Key-environmental measurements

f) Deployment from RV Gunnerus with AURL (Applied Underwater Robotics Lab, NTNU)

g) Demonstration



a) Mapping of phyto- and zooplankton

b) Mapping of Chla, cDOM, turbidity

c) Mapping of bioluminescence

d) Deployment from Gunnerus with AURL

e) Demonstration


Marine chemistry (collaboration project with Dept. of Chemistry, NTNU):

a) Optical detection techniques

b) CO2 effects on marine sediments and biota

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