NORUS workshop III, April 7 - 29 2010

NTNU Field Station at Sletvik-Hopavågen

Trondheim, Norway





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Welcome to the website for the third NORUS workshop



May 17. 2010

The third NORUS workshop has been successfully completed at the NTNU research facility Sletvik-Hopavågen in Norway. During the workshop students, post docs and researchers have been focusing on developing and testing of underwater sensors and instruments with the potential to be deployed on autonomous underwater vehicles.





March 24. 2010

The next NORUS workshop will take place at Sletvik-Hopavågen, a two-hour drive from Trondheim, in Norway. This third workshop within the NORUS programme for research-based higher education will be focused on hands-on experiments with students and participants performing research within their field of expertise using state-of-the-art autonomous underwater vehicles and in situ sensors.


Location of the Sletvik Field Station, Norway


Vis Sletvik-Hopavågen Field Station i et større kart



Sletvik Field Station, TBS and NTNU in GoogleEarth (download kmz-file)



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