Name: Kathrine Bianchini, Undergraduate
Institution: Rutgers
Research: I am currently an undergraduate student in civil and environmental engineering. I currently work in Rutgers Coastal Ocean Observation Lab ( Since joining the lab in October 2008, I have had some of the best experiences of my life. These include not only learning all about the gliders, and the other aspects of the lab, but also traveling to Svalbard and San Lo Obispo, for NORUS workshops I and II. In addition I was able to travel to Svalbard in July 2009 where I worked with RU 07 for the second Rutgers deployment in the fjord. This set of deployments was the first arctic deployments Rutgers did, and also the most northerly deployments ever done by a Slocum Glider.
Interests: The integration of robots, gliders and other AUVs into oceanography and other biological sciences