NORUS Workshop II, Cal Poly

Friday, November 27, 2009

Wednesday November 25th

REMUS Deployment and Mission Planning/Crawler Demo


Today we learned about our 3rd AUV – the REMUS. Like the IVER2, it is propelled by a propeller, and like the Glider, it contains quite a few instruments that allow for navigation, communication, and measurements of the sea column (Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler, CDT, compass, Iridium, etc.). It also contains a sidescanner, which allows for mapping and topography of the ocean floor. There’s a pretty cool user interface as well, which takes data sent from the REMUS (by Iridium or otherwise) and plots it graphically (e.g. compass positions, vehicle orientations, and GPS locations)

We also learned how to program the REMUS for missions; there was a contest to see who could create the best mission plan in the smallest amount of time to explore a cubic volume of water. Robbie Plankenhorn’s team won (much to our chagrin…) The following images show the participants deploying and recovering the AUV.

Crawler Demo

Dr. Chris Clark gave a demo of the Crawler and a tiny mini ROV, an underwater vehicle controlled by wire with a video feed that allows us to see what life is like on the ocean floor in real time.


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