NORUS Workshop II, Cal Poly

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

IVER Progress

Progress IVER2

Chris presented information on mechanics and programming of the IVER. Currently the IVER is outfitted with compass, altimeter, and 2 CPUs. Scott and Robbie worked hard to prepare the IVER for demonstrations of it's underice capabilities.
The IVER's movements can be controlled through the secondary CPU. In the afternoon, we all had an opportunity to drive the IVER near the Cal Poly Pier. Scott and Robbie also showed how the IVER will track its movements along an ice edge in the Arctic.

As an intro to the Remus presentation, Jørgen Bergen gave some short input of the scientific relevance of using the Remus in futureArctic missions. There are two aspect to focus on; measuring diel vertical migration (DVM) and affect of ice on biological communities.

After a really nice sushi dinner at the Yanagi's, Zoë Wood and Daniel Medina presented software for 3D visualization of glider data. Further considerations about incorparating the ice environment, non-photorealistic considerations and biological parameters into visualizition modeling software of glider data were discussed.


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