NORUS Workshop II, Cal Poly

Friday, November 27, 2009

A Day of Surfing and Turkey

Hey everyone,

So yesterday was an introduction for most of us to a California style Thanksgiving which involved a surf session during the day and a nice turkey dinner in the evening. We first arrived at Good Clean Fun in Cayucos and the waves were a pretty descent size for us as beginners. Our instructor started us out on giving a few pointers about surfing on the beach before we all got in the water and they were pretty helpful. He stated first hand that standing up on the board is absolutely the most difficult thing to do in surfing. I remember thinking how it really didn't look that difficult until we all tried standing up in the water. I never thought that something that looked so easy could be so difficult. Everyone ended up tasting enough salt water by the end of the session, but it was a great experience for all of us. I still think I have the taste of salt water in my mouth. Dr. Chris Clark was in the more advanced section in the water as he looked like a professional next to all of us.

After we all grabbed a quick lunch after the surf session, we headed back to Avila and rested for a bit before meeting up for a fun Thanksgiving dinner generously prepared for us by one of Mark's friends. Dinner was excellent and the turkey was great. Mark brought plenty of wines for all of us to enjoy during dinner and Erlend, being Erlend, ordered a few more for the table. We ended the dinner with some really good desserts including the traditional pumpkin pie and another dessert filled with chocolate tastiness which had everyone at the table sampling. Overall, it was a very enjoyable Thanksgiving that I'm sure everyone will remember.

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